Study Condition(s): Advanced Cancer

A Study of LY3039478 in Participants with Advanced Cancer

Study Alias: JJCA

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Study Purpose

The purpose of this study is to find a recommended dose level of LY3039478 that can safely be taken by participants with advanced cancer or cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, including but not limited to lymphoma. The study will also explore changes to various markers in blood cells and tissue. Finally, the study will help to document any tumor activity this drug may have.

Key Participation Requirements Tool Tip Icon

All clinical trials have rules about who can participate. This section outlines some of those rules. Please contact a study center to discuss the full set of criteria


Male Female


18+ years

Time Commitment

Your participation could last up to 56 days or longer if you are tolerating the study drug and your study doctor thinks your condition is stable or improving.
  • Part C participant must have histological evidence of advanced or metastatic specific subtypes of soft tissue sarcoma
  • Part D participant must have a histological evidence of their advanced or metastatic cancer and prescreened alterations in a defined pathway. Part D patients must have triple negative breast cancer, liver cancer, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, T cell, B cell, or natural killer (NK) cell neoplasm
  • Part F Dose Confirmation participant must have evidence of leiomyosarcoma and alterations in a defined pathway
  • Part F Dose Escalation participant must have evidence of cancer, either solid tumor or lymphoma
  • Participant must be able to swallow capsules
  • Male and female participant with reproductive potential must agree to use medically approved contraceptive precautions during the trial and for 3 months following the last dose of study drug
  • Female participant must not be pregnant or lactating

Where to Participate

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