Through Their Eyes The Role of Caregivers in Clinical Trial Participation

Friends, Family, and Loved Ones Can Serve a Vital Role in Supporting Trial Participants

Time and again we hear stories of the love, service, and sacrifice caregivers provide while supporting clinical trial participants through their journeys. From shuttling research volunteers back and forth to appointments, offering emotional support, and reminding participants to take medications or fill out diaries, caregivers are often among the unsung heroes of clinical research.

In the videos below you’ll meet three pairs of participants and caregivers, each with a unique story. We hope you find as much inspiration in their stories as we do.

Pamela & Brent’s Partnership

“You can do it alone, but it’s nice that you don’t have to.”
– Pamela

Meet Pamela and Brent. They’ve been married for 22 years. Pamela has Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and is participating in an investigational clinical trial. Brent is her caregiver. In this video, we will hear from Pamela and Brent as they talk about dealing with the day to day challenges of Pamela’s diagnosis as a team, working together to create a new normal, and the benefits to participating in a clinical trial with a partner.

Gretchen & Michael’s Love Grows

“There are challenges, yes. Faith and humor is what gets us through on a regular basis.”
– Gretchen

Meet Gretchen and Michael. Gretchen and Michael both have Parkinson’s disease and act as each other’s caregiver. Listen as they talk about their experiences with clinical trials and caregiving, and learn how what started as a business relationship between the two grew into life-long love.

Anjali & Rubecca’s Alliance

“...We were hesitant at first...just trying to understand all of the factors involved with making that decision.” – Rubecca

Meet mother and daughter, Rubecca and Anjali. Anjali developed psoriasis as a child, and Rubecca acts as Anjali’s caregiver. In this video, we learn about their introduction to psoriasis clinical trials from one of Anjali’s doctors, the factors they took into account when considering participation, and their experiences as research participants.

Why Clinical Trials?

Thanks to the many people who participate in clinical studies each year, and the people like you that support them, scientists are better able to understand and potentially treat all types of diseases.

Search Lilly clinical trials and find out if there’s a trial that’s right for you or a loved one.

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